Friday, August 17, 2018

DEADLY DEADLINE: Investigation Discovery -Debra Lynn Baker Documentary

                                                    Deadly Deadline
                   "DEADLY WOMEN" Hunger for Cash
                              SEASON 8 EPISODE 6  
                Award-Winning True Crime "Fighting the Devil"
     When some women lust for money, it costs family and friends more than their bank account.
Putting money above lives, these "DEADLY WOMEN" have a "HUNGER FOR CASH".
"I hope everyone reads this true crime story, "Fighting the Devil"
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fighting the Devil (Award-Winning True Story) by Jeannie Walker

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We never know when a female devil will strike.........

In 1990, Texan billionaire Jerry Sternadel accuses his accountant, Debra Lynn Baker, and his wife, Lou Ann, of stealing $35,000 from him, and gives them a deadline of Memorial Day to repay the money. Debra responds by poisoning Jerry'with arsenic. Debra is convicted of first-degree murder but shockingly receives only 10 years probation; she later goes to prison for 10 years for parole violation. 

Lou Ann is never charged or investigated. 

Will Debra Baker's co-conspirator get away with murder or will justice finally catch up to her?

Deadly Female Killers

Jeannie Walker visiting her ex-hubsand
who was poisoned by female killers.
Jerry Sternadel's daughter visits her beloved dad

Monday, February 15, 2016


Becky Sternadel celebrates her millionaire dad's birthday.
Becky J. Sternadel
"Dad, I miss you every day. 
Happy Birthday with love.
You were taken from us way too soon by wicked, greedy women who pretended to be your caregiver while they continuously gave you arsenic poison until you died from extreme arsenic poisoning.
It has been 26 years, but we will continue to search for justice.

Becky visiting with her dad for one last time.

Award-Winning True Crime Story about the murder of millionaire Jerry Sternadel AVAILABLE ON AMAZON, SMASHWORDS, BARNES & NOBLE   Author Website

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Is what happens to us in our lifetime a series of coincidences or is it destiny? 
Are we the lucky accidents of evolution, living our precious lives in a random world that only has the meaning we choose to give it? 
One thing is certain about coincidences ... the phenomenon fascinates both believers and skeptics alike. Coincidences, if we can call them that - don't always end in death.

This is a true story of mystical things that happened to me and others.

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Friday, September 25, 2015


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"The Man Upstairs"
 and Me
People smiled when Jim Bledsoe took off his shoes and socks, placing them on the walk. They watched as he planted his bare feet firmly in the sandy gutter, picked up his black umbrella and looked skyward. They grinned broadly when he unfolded his umbrella and began holding it over his head. Almost immediately sweat began pouring down his face as the sun baked the streets and the unabashed man of faith. He said, “If we have enough of the kind of believing it takes, the rains will come. It just takes a mustard seed of faith.” He proposed that on a given day the whole town wear rain gear as tokens of faith that it would rain. He found few takers of his offer. Undaunted, he placed an ad in the Hobart Democrat-Chief offering free umbrellas for those who didn’t have one. Still, he found few takers. For days, he sat confidently on the curb holding his umbrella in the hot blazing sun with the temperature hovering at 101°.
People across the Oklahoma countryside and beyond began talking about the Hobart businessman sitting outside his store in the hot blazing sun holding an umbrella, while praying for rain.
The owners of Life Magazine took wind of the circulating stories about the unwavering man of faith, and sent reporters to the small town of Hobart to cover the story. The May 30, 1955 issue of Life Magazine contained the story of Jim Bledsoe and his faith in God.
Even though I was a young child at the time, vivid memories of this time in history remained in my heart. Living out in the country four miles from the small town of Hobart meant a lot to me. The fond memories of my childhood left an unfaltering longing in me to create a tribute, as well as a family heirloom for my family, Jim Bledsoe’s family, and for people in the small town of Hobart.
Thus was born the color-illustrated children’s book, “The Rain Snake” that tells of my childhood adventures, and the unshakable faith of Jim Bledsoe.
Recently, I received correspondence from Jim Bledsoe’s granddaughter who was doing genealogy research and came across the Life Magazine and my book.
Lisa Horton said, “I am Jim Bledsoe's granddaughter. I grew up hearing the rain story and seeing the pictures in Life Magazine. I am sitting here in tears after reading your lovely book, The Rain Snake. I cannot tell you how intensely touched I was to read your book and see Granddaddy's story intermingled with yours! This has been the most amazing day.
I enjoy doing genealogy for the family, and for some reason today I just decided to Google granddaddy's name. The Life Magazine article popped up and then I saw a link to a book that contained his name. So of course I had to check it out. I then found The Rain Snake, read it, and felt the most amazing joy! Here was a book with the story I grew up hearing, along with drawings of the pictures from the Life magazine article! I couldn't believe it. I felt a connection to you and was so very touched that I had to contact you immediately. This has been such a wonderful discovery and has really been a boost to my spirit! I can feel Granddaddy smiling, and I know he's pleased. I know Grandmother is too! Granddaddy and Grandmother died six weeks apart in the spring of 1967, right before I turned five. I have pictures of me with them but really don't remember them. I do, however, remember Hobart. We spent the summer there following their deaths, and I have very fond memories of that cute little town.  
Your book will be a family heirloom that I will share and treasure. And, I'll keep it with the Life magazine to make a beautiful tribute to Jim Bledsoe. By the way, his middle name was Russell, which is what I named my first son. My granddaddy is and always has been, a big part of my life.
Jeannie, this has been such an amazing experience for me. I feel my beloved grandparents smiling at me and happy the way this turned out. Honestly, this has produced more than a few happy tears! Thank you so much for writing this beautiful book. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

25 Years & Still Searching For Justice

                              FIGHTING THE DEVIL
                                                        Jerry Sternadel
                                                  Million Dollar Ranch in Texas
Jeannie Walker
Jerry Sternadel was a millionaire and healthy as a horse when we were married.
All that changed when we divorced & he married a female who was money hungry.
The she devil he married and his bookkeeper conspired to get his millions.
He trusted them - they repaid his trust by feeding him massive amounts of arsenic poison.
He suffered a horrible death on June 12th - 25 years ago
I had to write this true story that has been on National TV. 

Jerry Sternadel,  this is for you.
I haven't forgotten you and NEVER WILL

 The last time I saw the father of my children, Becky and Sandy Sternadel
The last time my daughter (Becky Sternadel) saw her dad.
                               Becky this is for you...
May God continually bless all of our family and friends who are with us in our
search for JUSTICE - Each day brings us a little closer to getting the justice
Jerry Sternadel deserves for the horrible way the she devil and her friend,
Debra Baker, poisoned him and made him suffer horrible before he died
from EXTREME ARSENIC POISON on June 12, 1990.
Debra Baker was sent to prison for her part in the murder conspiracy,
but Jerry's widow, Lou Ann Sternadel was and still is a suspect in this

                Jerry Sternadel's body is in the grave, but his spirit lives on.