Tuesday, May 8, 2012

True Crime Book bursting with evils wrought by greed!

Barbara Forte Abate (Author)
"Fighting the Devil" is A Thoroughly Riveting and Unforgettable Read
Prepare yourself for a harrowing ride, because "Fighting the Devil" by Jeannie Walker picks up the reader in the very first pages and doesn't let go, even once the final page is turned.

While this incredible true crime story is full to bursting with the evils wrought by greed, at the very center of this story, the reader finds a true hero in author Jeannie Walker: A woman of unshakable faith and determination, committed to shining a glaring light on the true circumstances of her ex-husbands horrific murder, thus pursuing the job that the Justice system fails to.

There is a certain honestly in this story that unquestionably required enormous stores of courage, and yet Jeannie doesn't shrink away from detailing facts and elements essential to the telling of these thoroughly shocking events. Was Jerry Sternadel a man of questionable character? It's likely the reader will think so. But while he isn't especially likable, no one is ever deserving of such a cruel and horrific death. Herself a survivor of her ex-husbands cruelty, Jeannie Walker has every reason to walk away and claim something of peace in her own life, and yet she doesn't. Jeannie has made it her mission to bring justice where there is guilt. Truth, where there have only ever been lies. Her mission is extraordinary, but then, so is she. This is one of those "can't put it down until the very last period on the very last page, books. A thoroughly riveting and unforgettable read.

Barbara's Novel on Amazon- The Secret of Lies


  1. I loved the Secret of Lies and will check out Fighting the Devil...thanks for sharing them

    1. HI Kimba88- Thanks for your comment. I loved The Secret of Lies too. Hoping you do read my true crime story "Fighting the Devil" and my children's book "The Rain Snake". Thanks again. God bless! Jeannie Walker