Color Illustrated Children's Book- " THE RAIN SNAKE" - A True Story of Faith & Love -eBook&Paperback

                           "The Rain Snake" 
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Children's book with colorful illustrations. True story about a  young farmer's daughter who learns a valuable lesson from the magic of prayers and faith in God.
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  Sharon Mount- Avid Reader
***** Five Stars to The Rain Snake

The Rain Snake is a wonderful story, that brought back so many memories of my youth growing up in North Texas. I especially liked this children's book written by the author (Jeannie Walker) because it is her true story as a young girl, of the power of prayer and Indian customs. The illustrations are great and I can't wait to read The Rain Snake to my great neices and nephews.

  Regina Pucket- Author & Avid Reader
*****Five Stars 
"The Rain Snake" is a wonderful children's book. I loved the illustrations and thought the story was a great tale of faith and determination. I believe children will enjoy how this tale is woven together with past Indian customs and beliefs. It was an interesting touch to add clippings of newspaper articles from that time to show how prayer was used to receive the much needed rain. This book is a must have for anyone who is looking for a way to discuss how important prayer is with their children.

Jim Fisher- Avid Reader and Texas Rancher
*****Five Stars
"The Rain Snake" is an interesting story with a great message. So soon as I finished the story, I was thinking how glad I was to have read it.

Jack Corbin - Avid Reader & GRANDFATHER

*****Five Stars   

 A beautiful Story

What A beautiful story and memory for a little girl to live with growing up. In the early fifties I remember my father in law killing A snake and hanging it over the fence belly up. He told me the same story and by chance it did rain. Don't know if it rained until the snake came off the fence or not but he told me it would. A lot of things in this life cannot be explained. Thanks for this wonderful story.