Friday, July 20, 2012

Strange events in true ghost story "Thomas, The Friendly Ghost"

 Barry Terenna - Author 

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"Thomas, The Friendly Ghost" by Jeannie Walker was as strangely easy to read as the strange events in the storyline. This is a lighthearted book for those that like a not so terrifying ghost story. An added benefit is that it can be read in one sitting. The book included whimsical photos and artwork that are the "evidence" of beings from a supernatural world. If you would like a simply written "true story" that traces the events in the author's life then this book is for you. The writing style did not conjure up the ghosts of Beatrix Potter or Ernest Hemingway but it will please those that want a simple read. If you believe in spirits then you will believe the stories; if not you will not be converted. However, despite the fact that I had rated the book Three Stars, no matter how much I try, my keyboard keeps on typing Four Stars. Thomas, are you there?
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Barry Terenna is author of "Take the Silk Road Home"

Barry Terenna worked for many years at large corporations as a technical writer and information professional.  He has written enough policies, procedures and guidelines to fill several bookshelves but now has the luxury of creating his own worlds in works of fiction.  When he isn’t writing, he volunteers for various good causes and spends time with family and friends.

Barry has traveled extensively throughout the world. He was fortunate to live and work in Suzhou, China for two years and regularly returns there to visit friends.
He is married and has three grown children, two dogs and a cat, dividing his time between Southampton, NY and San Francisco.
Author of “Take the Silk Road Home”. 

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