Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Fighting the Devil" is a Most Unusual True Crime Book

Paula Krapf 

"Fighting the Devil"

This is one of the most unusual true crime books I've ever read - and I read a lot of true crime books.

The story starts out with a man poisoned by arsenic, and the prime suspects are his wife and her best friend... so far, nothing unique in the true crime genre. What sets this book apart is that the author - the poisoned man's ex-wife - begins a decades-long crusade to bring the killers to justice. As the years go by, her determination does not recede, even when the prospects for justice look grim. Buoyed by her strong faith and a desire to see the killers punished, the book details the agonizing process of trying to determine what happened, how and who did it.

True crime aficionados will not be disappointed, and what can I say about Jeannie Walker and her pursuit of justice?

I hate to call true crime "enjoyable" given the topic, but this is a compelling read that will have you turning the pages to find out what happens.

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  1. Paula, I've always avoided True Crime because it makes crime so much more real to me...but your spotlighting "justice" makes it understandable that it was enjoyable! Thanks and you've been pinned!