Monday, January 2, 2012

Award-Winning True Crime contains graphic details of arsenic poisoning murder of millionaire with 49 photos

"Keep the lights blazing!" 
Who tormented & murdered the well known Texas Millionaire? 
"Fighting the Devil" is the voice for the millionaire. 
The book is a shocking & horrifyingTrue Crime Story that elicited 2010 BOOK OF THE YEAR TRUE CRIME WINNER & 2011 NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARDS FINALIST
I am Jerry Sternadel, a Texas Millionaire rancher. I suffered a slow, painful death, while begging for my life. While I am now dead and buried in the grave, I cannot rest until my killers are brought to justice for the heinous way they took my life.
I begged, "Please help me! I don't want to die! Please help me! I want to LIVE! PLEASE HELP ME!"
I successfully raced quarter horses & ran a successful plumbing business. I was a healthy 49-year-old who exercised regularly, I never smoked and never drank alcohol. When I fell ill, I knew I was being poisoned and I knew my killers. When I became deathly ill, my murderers pretended to be my caregivers while continually feeding me poison until I died a very slow, painful death."
    Who tormented & murdered the Texas Millionaire? 

Millionaire Jerry Sternadel with his wife by his side in the hospital
While in the hospital and dying from arsenic poison, the millionaire told everyone within earshot that his wife and bookkeeper had stolen thousands from him and the two women were trying to kill him! 
The millionaire's wife & bookkeeper told everyone the millionaire was delirious, hallucinating and out of his mind. 
The Texas Millionaire did not survive his nightmare of murder, mayhem, treachery and betrayal of his widow & her best friend!  
 *Autopsy report: Millionaire died from extreme arsenic poisoning. 

Texas Millionaire's horse barn & corral
"Fighting the Devil" is the millionaire's story: It is a shocking & horrifyingTrue Crime Story.
Scary story: Eerie, Haunting, Sheer Terror of Spine-chilling, shivering evil! 
Warning: Read "Fighting the Devil" with the lights blazing! 

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  1. Happy New year dear, what a story this is, wow...

  2. Dropped by to say I found your blog. You certainly have posts of interest.

    Glynis Smy Writer

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  5. This may seem ironic, but I'm dealing with a similar situation, but I didn't die. I was poisoned with arsenic on 2 separate accounts. I have been denied treatment and have been suffering for the pass 11 month's with out any medical care. I just recently came across your blog, searching for medical care and ways to bring awareness to me being poisoned twice and denied treatment. I have links in my profile that you can view, that explains more.