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* Texas Ranger Bill Gerth- worked on the murder case: "I read your book. It's a remarkable true story and a very meaningful book. You did a fine job. I know Sheriff Jake Bogard would be very proud of you."

Rebecca Scarberry
***** Five Stars to "Fighting the Devil"

While reading this book, my heart ached thinking of Jeannie Walker's children. No adult, let alone a child, should ever have to suffer through this much pain. It could possibly take years more for Jeannie and her children to recover from the heartache, injustices and horror. 
Without giving too much away, it is sad the battle for justice must continue, but I would do no less than Jeannie is continuing to do today. My having been a legal secretary/paralegal years ago, I should have been able to foresee the outcome. It took me by surprise I assume because I was unaware of the Texas laws regarding this matter. I am now fully informed and outraged. I support Jeannie in her struggle to get the laws changed and wish I had a magic wand I could use to take away her childrens' pain.
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Joyce Richards Gardner

***** 5 Stars for "Fighting the Devil"

I started your book "Fighting the Devil" last night and already halfway through! So far, it is AWESOME!!!!! All I can say is HOLY COW...I can't wait to finish it and share with my sister and step-mom.  We are all big readers and I KNOW this one is a CAN'T PUT DOWN BOOK! I sit here thinking this is NOT a fiction book it really happened.

I finished the book and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!  
TRUST ME, if you start reading forget about putting it down till you finish!!! Thank goodness I begand reading it on the weekend, but still have you ever tried drying your hair AND reading at the same time? YEP....... that is how good this book is! You will finish in a state of shock, an if like me, you will have to know what will happen next! Not to mention, falling in love with Jeannie and her family! The day I finished, I called my step-mother and said I have a book that you MUST read. Also, I discovered a friend who lives in Wichita Falls and told her she HAS to read "Fighting the Devil".
Must say that I am so mad the bookkeeper only got probation and the other one (the widow) is still out parading around! I typed in the bookkeeper's name and it looks like on the news that she might be up for parole again! I will PRAY it is revoked!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me up on what happens. You and your family are in my prayers and I hope one day this will be a thing of the past! May God bless you!!! Joyce Richards 

***** 5 Stars to "Fighting the Devil"

*Rusty  ― 
The author goes into great detail on how she personally assisted in the investigation of a murder case of her own ex-husband. Despite the fact that she was no longer emotionally connected with this man, and had actually suffered abuse through her marriage with him, she fought a battle for years to expose those who murdered him. It exposes once again how low people will go to gain wealth and what they are willing to do. It is a bit of an expose' of our judicial system and how people can literally "get away with murder" by playing "the game" of cat and mouse with the law. A good name for the book! Fighting the Devil! A dedicated soul seeking the truth to help her family find closure with a very negative and sad situation.

  * Carmen Ezell
I finished 'Fighting the Devil' yesterday...... it was sooooooo good! It made me angry that Lou Ann got off scott free though.... : / I really enjoyed reading your book.......I'm SOOOO glad we are friends! 
God Bless you and keep in touch! :

          *Jack Corbin
    "Finished your book today. I really liked it.
      I am sorry the widow was not prosecuted. 
      She will get hers one day.

         * Shana Perkins  

            I loved your book!!! 
          It was so very interesting!!!

*Mary Helen Cuellar

Riveting! You are an amazing writer! Finished your book while I was out of town. I realy couldn't put the book down once I started reading it. Your book reached out and grabbed my heart, mind and soul while reading it. I felt so bad for you and your family, especially the father of your children for the way he was brutally murdered. Justice was found mostly through your efforts. You write cogently ~clearly, logically, and convincing~ with immense depth of feeling, perception and description.

* Janet Throneberry 

 I purchased "Fighting The Devil" at a very busy time. 
Still, I could not put it down. The True Crime genre has SO many choices, but this one I loved for its crisp language and attention to detail. Thanks for letting the story tell the story!  In fact, I  felt nauseated at times, whenever reading the physical/medical facts.  That's when  I knew Jeannie Walker had done a fantastic job!


     * Pamela Hobbs

      I found your book intelligently written. 
          I recommended it to everyone I know
          God bless.


         * Eugene Ridinger: 

"It has definitely held my attention. I usually can't sit and read for hours at a time like that but this book is so interesting I read half of it before I knew it."

* Gay Pruitt Stewart

"My mom was here from Texas. I gave her the copy of your book that I had got her...she couldn't put the book down. She read the whole book in one day! She loved the book!!"


 * Kevin Barry

    "I thought the book was fantastic!"

  * Misty Huffman

I read this book from cover to cover in two days and am still sleeping with the lights on. 
It is very well written in a style and voice that is both clear, concise, and pleasing. The tragic facts of this story are unnerving and leave one deeply troubled that such horrific events took place. I highly recommend this book.

         *Jim Fisher 

Wow, I wasn't expecting that good of a story. I have to thank you for my first experience with a book that I truly couldn't put down. I was impressed with Ted Dekker's ability to turn a twist, but you raised the bar. An interesting story and your depiction was fascinating reading.
 I can't imagine the hurt you and your family went and still are going through. I have lost love ones, but not by murder. I don't know if I would have the strength to seek justice and fight the level you did.
I started the book Tuesday morning and carried it around the ranch all day reading between my daily tasks. I truly couldn't stop reading. That night I stopped right after Debbie received probation. I honestly had trouble sleeping worrying about her still running around Texas. I was relieved to find out she finally got put in prison. Praying justice will finally come to Lou Ann.    
I don't normally offer a guest post to my blog, but being so impressed with the book. I would post an entry by you to promote the book.  God bless,  Jim


* Chrystal Broussard Compean

"Just wanted to let you know, that I am reading your book and I am really enjoying it. It is so neat reading it and actually knowing who these people are and remembering everything going on. I'm absolutely loving it and hate to put it down."