Monday, July 30, 2012

"Fighting the Devil" Amazing story to bring a killer to justice! One woman's unwavering faith in God

Jodi Ann Hanson- Writer

‘Fighting the Devil’ is the amazing true story of a woman's determination to bring a killer to justice. With her unwavering faith in God and the support of many family and friends Jeannie Walker pushes the authorities to bring two women to task for the murder.

Texas Millionaire Jerry Sternadel has died after a mysterious illness that tore the life from him in the most excruciating way. On his deathbed Sternadel insists he has been poisoned by his wife and bookkeeper. Medical staff and friends believe it is the delusional rantings of a very sick man until they receive a tip that the death was due to arsenic poisoning. After toxicology reports come back with 4,895 mcg of arsenic the tip is proven to be true, thus beginning a thirteen year quest to bring the guilty party to trial.

With the investigation stalled by District Attorneys claiming there was nothing but circumstantial evidence, which was not enough to charge the killer. With dauntless investigation by Jeannie, the police and her family; finally enough evidence was collected to lay charges on one of the guilty party but not the ringleader of the murder.

I have always been a reader of true crime and ‘Fighting the Devil’ is one of the good reads. The book is written with heartfelt emotion by a woman who is haunted by the loss of her ex-husband, the father of her two children. The book is definitely a hard read with details of the agonizing death of Jerry Sternadel by poison, not for the faint of heart. 

Jodi's Short Story  - 
The House at the End of the Street 
Suspense Magazine published my short story 'The House at the End of the Street' in their July issue.

The House at the End of the Street  

by Jodi Ann Hanson

"I had sent the story to Suspense Magazine in the hope that it would be considered for publishing. The editor emailed back indicating the story was well written and I thought that was the end of it. So I was completely taken off guard when it was ran in the July issue."

The House at the End of the Street  

Excerpt: The house at the end of the street was the proverbial haunted house. The kind of house that kids in small towns created stories and rumors about. Stories of murders and ghosts and people gone missing. You know, you’ve told these stories, too, around campfires and especially at Halloween when the excitement of the season catches hold of you.
Read more of Jodi's intriguing story at


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