Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beautiful, heart-wrenching, and inspirational True Crime Story

Ellen C. Maze   Best-selling Author

"Fighting the Devil" 
At first blush, "Fighting the Devil" isn't what it appears to be. Reading the cover synopsis, I expected a true-life who-dunnit/mystery thriller. What I got was so much more. 
"Fighting the Devil" is a beautiful, heart-wrenching, inspirational, and oftentimes harrowing memoir of the life of one of the bravest women I know: Jeannie Walker ~ 
Jeannie was faced with living with a tyrant, yet she manages to find forgiveness in her heart, and love--the kind of love God has--for a person who treated her lower than dirt.

Yes, you will learn the details of the true-life murder of Jeannie Walker's millionaire ex-husband, Jerry Eli Sternadel, but be prepared to be taken on an amazing life journey with a woman we'd all like to have for a sister.
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Another true story by Jeannie Walker

Five Stars: Thomas, The Friendly Ghost

Jeannie Walker is a woman who has lived many lives and has inadvertently packed all of them into one incarnation. Read her killer true-crime novel, Fighting the Devil: A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder, and see how she survived horrific spousal abuse in the midst of a real mystery; read how she died and saw the other side before returning to life in I Saw the Light: A True Story of Love, Death, and Fulfillment; and now we learn of Thomas, an actual ghost who entered her life.

This is not a spooky, made-up tale of mayhem and poltergeist, rather, this is a woman telling us what happened and how it went down when a ghost appeared, entered her life and literally carried her into a new awareness of herself and the spiritual world.

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Ellen is also Editor and Partner in a traditional publishing house called Little Roni Publishers.
Ellen's subjects range from vampires to angels to demonic powers in dark places; her goal is to entertain the reader while sending a message of redemption apparent between the lines. Pitching faith and bloodlust into a battle to the death, or oftentimes, to the life, Ellen always finds a way to balance the two in a fascinating and intriguing way.

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