Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Riveting" 5 Star True Crime Book of Millionaire's Murder

Richard Hale -Author

"Fighting the Devil"

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Jerry Sternadel is dead and his ex-wife needs to know why. FIGHTING THE DEVIL is the story of greed and murder in Texas, and the journey one woman travels to prove her ex-husband’s death was not an accident. Jeannie Walker, the author, knows her ex-husband was poisoned and will not rest until justice prevails.

The story, shocking in its cruelty, touching in its tenderness, and frightening in its reality, draws you in and holds your attention from the very beginning. Ms. Walker’s courage and fortitude are a testament to her faith. She would not back down. And even though Jerry Sternadel had been cruel in his treatment of his wife and children, Jeannie Walker found it in her heart to forgive him and pursue his killer relentlessly.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tale, and what made it even that much more riveting, was the fact it was a true story. Bravo Ms. Walker! Bravo!

About Richard Hale: 
Richard C. Hale is the author of 2 novels: Near Death & Frozen Past. He has worn many hats in his lifetime including Greens Keeper, Bartender, Musician, Respiratory Therapist, and Veteran Air Traffic Controller. You can usually find him controlling Air Traffic over the skies of the Southeastern U.S. where he lives with his wife and children.
Richard C. Hale is the author of two novels: Near Death & Frozen Past