Sunday, August 28, 2011

 Joyce Richards Gardner
***** 5 Stars for "Fighting the Devil"

I started your book "Fighting the Devil" last night and already halfway through! So far, it is AWESOME!!!!! All I can say is HOLY COW...I can't wait to finish it and share with my sister and step-mom.  We are all big readers and I KNOW this one is a CAN'T PUT DOWN BOOK! I sit here thinking this is NOT a fiction book it really happened!
It is so sad! My heart is aching for you and your children! Figure I will have it finished by tomorrow, calling for rain! I have to admit, it is so good I found myself reading when brushing my teeth just so I can find out what happens next!"  
I finished the book and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!  
TRUST ME, if you start reading forget about putting it down till you finish!!! Thank goodness I begand reading it on the weekend, but still have you ever tried drying your hair AND reading at the same time? YEP....... that is how good this book is! You will finish in a state of shock, an if like me, you will have to know what will happen next! Not to mention, falling in love with Jeannie and her family! The day I finished, I called my step-mother and said I have a book that you MUST read. Also, I  discovered a friend who lives in Wichita Falls and told her she HAS to read "Fighting the Devil".
Must say that I am so mad the bookkeeper only got probation and the other one (the widow) is still out parading around! I typed in the bookkeeper's name and it looks like on the news that she might be up for parole again! I will PRAY it is revoked!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me up on what happens. You and your family are in my prayers and I hope one day this will be a thing of the past! May God bless you!!! Joyce 

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