Friday, June 12, 2015

25 Years & Still Searching For Justice

                              FIGHTING THE DEVIL
                                                        Jerry Sternadel
                                                  Million Dollar Ranch in Texas
Jeannie Walker
Jerry Sternadel was a millionaire and healthy as a horse when we were married.
All that changed when we divorced & he married a female who was money hungry.
The she devil he married and his bookkeeper conspired to get his millions.
He trusted them - they repaid his trust by feeding him massive amounts of arsenic poison.
He suffered a horrible death on June 12th - 25 years ago
I had to write this true story that has been on National TV. 

Jerry Sternadel,  this is for you.
I haven't forgotten you and NEVER WILL

 The last time I saw the father of my children, Becky and Sandy Sternadel
The last time my daughter (Becky Sternadel) saw her dad.
                               Becky this is for you...
May God continually bless all of our family and friends who are with us in our
search for JUSTICE - Each day brings us a little closer to getting the justice
Jerry Sternadel deserves for the horrible way the she devil and her friend,
Debra Baker, poisoned him and made him suffer horrible before he died
from EXTREME ARSENIC POISON on June 12, 1990.
Debra Baker was sent to prison for her part in the murder conspiracy,
but Jerry's widow, Lou Ann Sternadel was and still is a suspect in this

                Jerry Sternadel's body is in the grave, but his spirit lives on.

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