Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Fighting the Devil" - It's An Unforgettable Story

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***** "Fighting the Devil"
 An Unforgettable Story!

As an author, I've been fortunate to cross paths with some very generous, very kind people. When I first met Jeannie Walker, I knew only that she had written a book, entitled Fighting the Devil. I was struck by how gracious she was to everyone and how she always took time to offer a kind word. For that reason alone, I decided to purchase a copy of her work.

I swiftly learned that this was more than `just a book' for Jeannie. Effectively, Jeannie set out to solve the murder of her former husband, with whom she had two children. What I discovered was a gripping story told from the perspective of someone who had survived the abyss and was brave enough to venture back into it for the sake of justice and the safety of her children. Told in thorough detail, mixing photographic evidence & multiple eyewitness testimonies, Jeannie composed her account of the crime like a seasoned investigator.
The most shocking part of this tale is not the debauchery of the murderers, the intuitiveness of the narrator or the fight to see justice served. The murder of Jerry Sternadel was a crime that could be told on any and every procedural television series and penned by numerous crime fiction authors. Yet, the sobering reality is that this is not fiction. It is the moral dilemma of incredible events and the frustrating pursuit one family faced - and still lives with on a daily basis.

This is not a story for the weak of heart. It is not a story for the judgmental or the closed-minded. As resolutely as Jeannie clings to the facts, she also stands strong in her faith. Fighting the Devil is not simply a clever title and it most certainly is not a story anyone will soon forget!

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  1. I am looking forward to reading and reviewing this title myself. It sounds like it is going to be an emotional read.

  2. Jeannie, thanks for your note on twitter and for following my blog. Not only am I now following your blog, I am also buying your book. It sounds incredible, and I am so sorry for the terrible, tragic events that brought it about.

  3. I wanted to stop by Jeannie and read your blog since you were so gracious to do the same for mine.

    I appreciate you sharing your story with me and my readers. I can't even imagine what you have been going through since this is the father to your children. But to take the measures that you did and put it on paper, well I applaud you for bringing it life so that all can learn about this horrible crime.

    I use to love reading true crime novels and may have to put my personal development books aside for a short while and read your story. Living in Texas myself, it hits me on so many different levels.

    Thank you Jason for writing this review and sharing your thoughts on this book. I appreciate that.


  4. Jeannie,

    I wanted to stop by and say that I find your blog very interesting, as well as your book. I am writing a book as well, it is about domestic violence/murder etc... based on the true events of my life and past -which I gladly left behind-.

    I would appreicate a follow and comments on my content. thanks!