Wednesday, October 26, 2011

True Crime Story will draw you in-A Great Read!

Alex Gardner  (@twitter/run350) 
***** 5 Stars to "Fighting the Devil"

This true Crime Story will draw you in...It's A Great Read!

This is a story that had to be told. The true crime is the two steps forward, one step back style murder of Jerry Sternadel is no mystery from the first page--but that's not what makes this book so enchanting. It's the personable style of Jeannie Walker's story-telling with details so intimate, vivid and real, you feel as if you've stumbled onto her diary with a few cut photos that spilled out along the way. I went into this expecting to find the secret killer revealed through cleverly disguised clues dropped along the way. But the 'who' and the 'why' are revealed at the outset. I walked away feeling as if I'd gained a trusted friend who taught me something about God's protection in times of trouble, faith in overcoming odds and believing in a dream, patience in waiting for a long sought victory. 

The chilling details, and the cold-heartedness of the wife and book-keeper pushed me to dig deeper into the news accounts of the story. I wondered if the story had been embellished or exaggerated in some way. I wanted to believe that two people wouldn't really conspire to do something so horrible to another person; let alone rinse and repeat until the deed was done in the face of profound human suffering. In fact, the author rose above the opportunity to sensationalize, and you'll be impressed with the matter-of-fact style.

Alex Gardner   ( aka @twitter/run350 )

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  1. sounds like a winner to me dear xxx

  2. Thanks William! Means a lot to me! It's still an open murder case and I am still fighting for justice!

  3. we are with you to support you. God bless you.

    -akhil dudeja

  4. interesting enough.
    true case ?
    oh my. lots of things happened around us without not many realize i see. shall return to your blog to read more.
    thanks for sharing.
    more power to you :)