Saturday, April 14, 2012

Five Star Book & My deepest respect for the author

  Raani York
  "Fighting the Devil"
***** Five Stars and My deepest respect for the Author!
When I started reading this book I did prepare for some kind of "report" of a true murder case. 
This story actually IS "some kind of" report - but filled in with emotions - with passion for the truth - with true devotion of a woman fighting to find the true murderer of her former husband.
After Jerry Sternadel was divorced from his former wife (the author of the book) he got re-married. His Ex-wife lived far away - they did keep contact since having two children together, a daughter, Becky, and a son, Sandy.
It's a dark day when Jeannie learns her ex-husband died in the hospital - and it got even darker when she was informed he had died from poison...
From that moment on Jeannie Walker begins to fight - fight for the rights of her passed away husband, fight for justice, fight for her children - and sometimes, fight for her life!
In many ways I do admire this passion for justice and truth! And it's not over yet.
“Fighting the Devil” is an emotional and strong report and I think nobody will be disappointed by reading this true story.
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Raani York has been educated in Switzerland and in the U.S. - She speaks four languages and several dialects. She works and lives in Switzerland and the U.S. and travels a lot. 
Next to her work Raani likes reading, Martial Arts, skiing, Horseback riding, skydiving and sometimes plays the classical piano. Raani welcomes you on her Website and will be happy to welcome you as her new reader.


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  2. Donna - Thank you for your comment. I would love for you to review my true crime story. Your copy is on the way. God bless! Jeannie Walker