Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Fighting the Devil" brings the truth to light with courage and perseverance

Belva Staples  (author) 

"Fighting the Devil" 

A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder

I just finished the true crime story, Fighting the Devil, by Jeannie Walker. It is an upsetting story of how her ex-husband, Jerry Sternadel, was poisoned by his new wife and his bookkeeper. The two women stole large amounts of money from Mr. Sternadel. When he confronted them and gave them an opportunity to return the money before he went to the police, they conspired to kill him! They began by adding arsenic to a taco salad and continued on from there. Jerry Sternadel died an excruciating and drawn out death at the hands of these two women.

While Sternadel was not exactly a model husband to Jeannie, she believed that even a dog deserved better, so she set out to see her former husband's murderers brought to justice. Read about this woman's quest to bring the truth to light and the many obstacles in her way, including the justice system itself. I think you will find Jeannie Walker's courage and perseverance inspiring.

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