Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Star True Crime an Inspirational Read

  Barry Finlay - Author 

 Kilimanjaro and Beyond (A Life-Changing Journey)

"Fighting the Devil"

I am a big fan of the detective novel.  I often read James Patterson, Jeffrey Deaver, Michael Connelly and others of the same genre and good always triumphs over evil. That’s just the way it is.  Right?  Well, Jeannie Walker dispels that notion and gives us a healthy dose of reality in her true crime novel, Fighting the Devil.

Jeannie tells her story of her fight for justice after her ex husband dies of arsenic poisoning, which has apparently been administered by his new wife and the secretary of his business.  Jeannie very capably describes in a journal-like manner everything she has gone through to give her late ex husband a voice.  She describes incredible resolve and determination in spite of the fact that her ex husband was much less than perfect in life.  And she describes how the justice system can let down those it is supposed to serve.

I was with Jeannie throughout the book, happy when her determination to find justice seemed to be paying off and disappointed when things turned against her, as they often did. Still she persevered!  You can’t help but feel empathy for this determined woman as she describes her journey.  And I think you will find yourself asking the same question I did when I finished reading the book.  Given the same circumstances, would I have what it takes to do the same thing that Jeannie Walker has done and continues to do?  I think very few would be able to answer “yes” to that question.  

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