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"The Rain Snake" July 2012
Book of the Month 

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"The Rain Snake" by Jeannie Walker is a really great book.
This is true story about a younger Jeannie and her family in the middle of a long drought in their home state of Oklahoma. It is a story of a community waiting for rain to arrive to save them from a distressing drought — that seems certain to force them off the land — and the simple faith of the people, that God will provide.  
The story is about relationships, love, faith and trust, as Jeannie wants very much to help make it rain for her Dad.  Jeannie has faith in the legend her Dad had told her, and Jeannie’s Dad has faith in God that it will rain.
The story continues as Jeannie and Rinty try to make it rain. Their love and friendship is so true and touching. It all begins as Jeannie gathers up every ounce of courage, with the love and help of Rinty, to pick up the snake and place it, belly up, on the fence. This is a great story for children as it teaches them that love, faith and trust will help miracles happen.
Children will love reading this on their own and parents will enjoy reading this to their children as a bedtime story.
Jeannie’s use of quotes at the beginning of each chapter is a genius touch. These quotes are so moving that they just fit beautifully into the book.
This story is even more interesting, as it is in fact a true story and was reported in Life magazine. A copy of the original article is included at the end of the book and makes for fascinating reading.

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