Sunday, October 28, 2012

Five Star Rated & Amazing True Stories

Raani York

True stories that I rated Five Stars and loved reading by Award-winning author Jeannie Walker  -  

"Fighting the Devil"          "I Saw the Light" 
"Thomas, The Friendly Ghost"       
"The Rain Snake" 

"Fighting the Devil"

This story is  filled in with emotions - with passion for the truth - with true devotion of a woman fighting to find the true murderer of her former husband.

After Texas millionaire, Jerry Sternadel was divorced from his former wife (the author of the book) he got re-married. His Ex-wife lived far away - they did keep contact since having two children together, a daughter, Becky, and a son, Sandy.
It's a dark day when Jeannie learns her ex-husband died in the hospital - and it got even darker when she was informed he had died from poison...

From that moment on Jeannie Walker begins to fight - fight for the rights of her passed away husband, fight for justice, fight for her children - and sometimes, fight for her life!

In many ways I do admire this passion for justice and truth! And it's not over yet. Nobody will be disappointed by reading this true story.  

"I Saw the Light"

This book has left me breathless in many ways. The surprise of the beauty, the relief of knowledge that even dying isn't scary...

Jeannie Walker has a talent to use simple but impressive words to tell her story. I personally think it is the simplicity and combination of her truthfulness that touches the heart and caresses the soul of her reader. 
It's still not that I may "like" to die... it's more that whenever my time is up I don't need to be scared.Thank you Jeannie for sharing your experience and not merely entertaining your readers, but letting them KNOW that death is not the end. It is a new beginning!!!

"Thomas, The Friendly Ghost"

Jeannie Walker's "Thomas, the friendly ghost" has taught me many things. I learnt that Jeannie Walker is indeed an extraordinary strong woman, not fearless, but facing her fears until she finds out what's going on. Additionally she's deeply spiritual and a true believer. I do admire her for many things.
1. For her courage to face the unknown
2. For her ability to open her heart and soul to the unknown
3. For her truly being good
4. For her guts to write it all down and let the world know about her experiences
5. For teaching people about things they'd rather don't see

I have learnt from this book that being open to things that are hidden can be a true enrichment to a life. And Thomas the friendly Ghost shows, that welcoming the good things and lock out the evil ones is possible with the right guide. If you belong to the fainthearted, don't read it. But, if you're open to the spiritual things in this world, then please read it.

"The Rain Snake"

This book is so simple, so well written, so clear... reading this story feels like diving into the clear water of a mountain creek.
The Rain Snake contains not only memories but also the purity of innocence and love that keeps the reader going on until knowing everything.
It's flattering and wonderful at the same time. I loved it. And I'm sure all others reading it will love it as well!

In deep admiration  -  Raani York     Raani York's Website


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  2. Your books sound very intriguing. I haven't read one but I' sure I will soon.


    1. Glenda- You can be sure I am following you my friend. Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe! God bless U always. Truly, Jeannie Walker