Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Star Personal Journeys

Paul Anthony - Author 

I read two of Jeannie's books and gave them both Five Stars
"Fighting the Devil" Amazon Kindle
"Thomas, the Friendly Ghost" Amazon Kindle

Jeannie's debut novel "Fighting the Devil" was selected as 2010 Book of the Year Silver Awards Winner in True Crime by ForeWord Magazine and 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist in True Crime. But it was more than a book for Jeannie. It was a very personal journey. I recently read and reviewed this five star novel on Goodreads and Amazon and I recommend the work to you. But the writing doesn't stop there. Jeannie has gone on to make regular contributions to the blogging fraternity in the UK and elswhere; more importantly she continues to write and has recently published three more books in 2012. It's not surprising she once studied creative writing since her imagination has taken her on a voyage of discovery as she weaves though the genres to write about 'Thomas, the Friendly Ghost'. Jeannie Walker is a lovely lady and a highly recommended esteemed international author... Paul Anthony
Paul has written 5 full length fictional novels, a collection of poetry, and a book of short stories, all of which are in both print, Kindle, and ipad. Apart from being a Goodreads author, he is also an Amazon author. In the past he has been published by a Vanity House and a Traditional Publishing House.  Visit his storefront at His blogsite is at

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