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Author to Author Blog Tour

Jeannie Walker


I'm happy to present this author-to-author blog tour.  For this, I have to thank a very good friend and amazing writer, Sheila Callaham. Sheila is the author of "Stories from Spirit".  However, the beginning of this posting is supposed to be about me and my work - cool, huh? I get tagged by an author  so I can write about my work and introduce you to other authors. What fun I am having....
I’m choosing to tell you about my newest book, "I Saw the Light" Amazon Link
 I went on a spiritual journey when I died and passed over to the other side. "I Saw the Light" is about my Near-Death Experience. It is my hope to inspire and uplift readers who pick up this book. I wrote the story as a gift to others - to strengthen their faith in God and an afterlife. I realize my experiences were very powerful and mind-boggling, but I believe I was sent back to tell others that death is not the end - it is a new beginning.

And now, drum roll pleeeeeze… for the awesome, inspiring authors that I’m pleased to tag. I have read their books and highly recommend them to you.

Sheila Callaham  - "Stories from Spirit is a collection of spirit journeys and the gifts of wisdom that received during the experiences. Through a series of questions, readers reflect on their own spiritual path and then tap their own wisdom with guided meditations and facilitated spirit journeys. The book concludes with eighteen wonderful exercises meant to deepen the spirit."
Richard Bunning   

Richard's books:  Another Space in Time, Esther and Athaliah: Two Plays adapted from Those of Jean Racine

I am currently an author of speculative fiction, yes, science fiction.
My most recent books are "Another Space in Time", and the originally titled "Another Space in Time, Returns".
I have some earlier books, which are reworked neoclassical plays. These will be of interest to those who wish to read Jean Racine in prose English. Yes, not everyone's cup of tea.
I am an advocate of independent, vanity, and small press authors, and with this in mind regularly review. As well as reviewing in all the usual places, including on my own site, I am also currently a reviewer for Bookpleasures.

Above all, I like to be read. Even if my works don't attract your interest I hope that you look at my GR reviews, and thanks for wading through this interview.

Roderick Low 
Roderick's books:  Promises of Love and Good Behavior - 
Reward and Dilemmas -  Going Nowhere

"Roderick Craig Low, the elder son of Scottish parents, was born and brought up in England. On leaving grammar school, he lived in Scotland for about five years before moving south to Yorkshire where he raised a family. It was then that he was able to apply his liking for language to his professional life, trading his role as a computer consultant for that of a technical author providing manuals to support software systems and business processes for many ‘big name’ companies. In 1994, he remarried. His book, ‘Writing User Documentation’, was published by Prentice Hall that same year. Creative writing, however, was the ultimate goal but the pressures of everyday life prevented its realisation. He moved to France in 2003 and, after a few years, found opportunities to devote more time to this activity in addition to the demands of the ‘day job’ and a two-acre garden – not to mention the delights of living in rural France. A first novel, ‘Three Hundred Hours’, was published in 2009, followed by ‘England 2026. After the Discord’, 'Going Nowhere', 'Rewards and Dilemmas' and 'Promises of Love and Good Behaviour', all published by Andrews UK. He has also written a number of short stories for conventional and on-line publication. I'd be delighted if you would take a look at my books, and hopefully, review them! Thank you very much!"

Walter Ramsay 
Walter's Books:  Beneath the Dune & COASTAL ACCESS

Walter's ramblings: "Taste is an acquired sense. What one person my find only to be an appetizer, another may savor as an entree." The same goes for the books we read.

As a long time teacher and coach at Central Regional High School in New Jersey, Walter praises public education and the dynamic students it produces. When not at the Jersey Shore, Walter is a part time resident of the Central Florida coast. He became enamored with the beauty, culture, and people of this pristine area over 30 years ago, and still can't get enough. He has vigilantly taken the time to delve into the history of this beautiful coast line and incorporated that background into his writings.

Walter spent much of his earlier years traveling the Florida coast from Saint Augustine to Key West from his father's home in Daytona Beach.  When not working on his next novel, Walter enjoys reading as well as outdoor activities that include surfing and jogging. 
Rickey Bray
Rickey's book:  Rendezvous Rock
Growing up in the rural Elgin, Oklahoma area, my life was happily normal with my wife and three young children. All of that changed abruptly on a spring day in 1978.

We were returning home from an outing in the mountains when our car was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. After the screeching of brakes, glass shattering, and half of our car destroyed, my wife and two of my three children were dead. I was only in my early twenties and was unable to cope with the loss. I fell into a miasma of depression and, unfortunately, turned to illegal drugs for consolation.

Even though I later remarried and had two more children, I never fully recovered from my loss and continued to use drugs as a crutch. All of this came to an abrupt halt fourteen years later when my second wife and I were arrested in 1993 on numerous drug charges. Both of us were sentenced to 32 years in prison!!! I was 39 years old!

Entering the prison system, I felt as if I was in a void similar to the five stages of grief. First there is denial, followed by anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, hopefully, acceptance. It actually took me four years before I came to terms with my situation and did a “life review.”

I finally asked myself, “Am I going to try and accomplish something, even though I’m in jail, or am I just going to give up?”

It was then that I decided to try writing. I had always loved to read, so writing came quite naturally to me. In prison there was no access to computers or the Internet for reference materials, and the prison library consisted only of a box of tattered westerns and romance novels, which in effect forced me to rely on my own imagination. For me, writing became my therapy. I was finally able to deal with the death of my wife and children, my incarceration, and overcome my dependence on drugs.

While in prison, I was very fortunate that my cellmate was an artistically gifted person. We had an unspoken agreement to keep our cell quiet so that each of us could pursue our creative endeavors – I wrote and my cellmate, who was serving time for murder, painted. I used him to critique my writing, and he used me as the subject of many of his paintings. I now have a portrait that he painted which I take to all of my book signings.

With the “time” to write and our cell turned into a creative studio, I wrote six manuscripts using only a pencil on yellow legal pads. My first published book, Rendezvous Rock, is a romantic-drama with some light supernatural elements. One of the principal characters is a contemporary witch. Yet I knew nothing of witchcraft and had no way to do any research, so I concocted an earth-based religion to base the story on. I tried to make the characters real and believable. Although fictional, it seems real enough that it leaves the reader wondering … maybe? The book placed second in the Fantasy Category of the 2010 Reader Views Literary Contest and won the Cross Genre Category of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards.

I am now a free man, however, I was in the Oklahoma prison system for twelve years, from 1993 until 2005. Since my release from prison, my wife and I divorced, but I have recently married a lovely woman I have known since 1977 and now reside in Marlow, Oklahoma. I have also returned to my previous profession as a house painter and serve as the foreman for a painting company. I hope to eventually get all of my manuscripts published. My life has turned around, and I am now only looking forward instead of dwelling on the past.

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